Keith Clay
Keith Clay, Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Image by Terri Greene
Lynda Delph, Distinguished Professor. Courtesy photo
Roger Hangarter, Distinguished Professor. Photo by Heather Reynolds
Roger Innes.
Roger Innes, Distinguished Professor. Photo by Venus Leah Photography
Thom Kaufman, Distinguished Professor. Courtesy photo
Ellen Ketterson.
Ellen Ketterson; Distinguished Professor; Science Advisor and Founding Director, Environmental Resilience Institute. Photo by Sandee Milhouse
Curt Lively, Distinguished Professor. Photo by Sandee Milhouse
Jeff Palmer, Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Class of 1955 Professor. Photo by Indiana University
Craig Pikaard, Distinguished Professor, Carlos O. Miller Professor, Howard Hughes Medical Institute Investigator. Photo by Sandee Milhouse
E. William "Bill" Ruf, Senior Lecturer. Courtesy photo
Mike Wade, Distinguished Professor. Photo by Sandee Milhouse

Update: January 6, 2021

Professor Matthew Hahn was awarded the IU Bicentennial Medal in December 2020.

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