Biology X490 Independent Study

Why take X490: Independent Study?

Introductory experience to a research program. Students who wish to become acquainted with professional-level research activities frequently develop an arrangement with a faculty member which permits the undergraduate student to participate in various aspects of a faculty member’s research program.

Intensive inquiry into a field of study. Students desiring more knowledge about a subject area than is covered by formal lecture or laboratory courses may enroll in X490 for the purpose of expanding their knowledge about a discipline or specific topic.

Preparation for postgraduate study. Students planning to continue their education beyond the B.A./B.S. level often enroll in X490 to prepare themselves for the rigor and routine of laboratory/field/library research activities which occupy the professional scholar.

Fulfillment of Honors Degree requirements. X490 research DOES NOT fulfill an upper-level lab requirement for the biology degree UNLESS it is earned with Biology Departmental Honors. (NOTE: X490 cannot fulfill the Intensive Writing Requirement. A student earning X490 credit in a SPEA lab CANNOT convert that research to a Biology upper level lab, nor will research in a SPEA lab count for Biology Departmental Honors.)

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