Microbiology Minor

Microbiology Minor requirements

The Department of Biology offers a 17-credit-hour microbiology minor that provides a strong foundation in microbiology and that complements many other majors in the sciences or other fields. After completing a series of introductory courses, students have a broad choice of upper level electives that allow them to tailor their minor to their interests within microbiology subfields.

Find requirements for a minor in microbiology in the IU College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin:

2023-24: Microbiology Minor, College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin
2022-23: Microbiology Minor, College of Arts and Sciences Bulletin

Unlike the Microbiology B.S. and B.A., the minor is designed to benefit students from other majors that want to explore their appreciation for the importance and fascinating lifestyles of microbes while still maintaining their original major. Microbiology impacts every aspect of life, and thus the course content spans local and international examples—much of which is focused on human health—and includes economic development of microbes as biotechnology. Depending on the courses selected, the Microbiology minor provides students with the understanding of the relationships between microbes and their environment, the flow of energy and matter through biological systems, the flow of genetic information, the mechanisms of inheritance, the evolution and maintenance of biological diversity, and the connectivity and emergent properties of complex biological networks.

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