Honors Thesis

Honors thesis

What type of work is suitable for inclusion in an Honors thesis?

In general, work on an honors thesis is a less ambitious version of a Master’s thesis. This involves performing laboratory or field experiments or make observations generating new data that are then analyzed. A paper based strictly on library research is not suitable as an Honors thesis in Biology, but can be a legitimate X490 experience.

What is the nature of the thesis?

So far as is appropriate, the thesis should be in the form of a paper written for publication. It will typically include a summary, introduction, materials and methods, results, and discussion, and it should conclude with a list of literature cited.

While no absolute length requirement is in place, the suggested minimum length is 25 pages, double- spaced, 12 pt. font (any standard font such as Times, Arial, Helvetica), and 1” margins.

What is involved in the successful defense of an Honors thesis?

There are specific rules concerning the completion of an honors degree, as certified by an appropriate faculty member.

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