Honors Thesis

Honors thesis

What type of work is suitable for inclusion in an Honors thesis?

In general, work on an Honors thesis involves performing laboratory or field experiments or making observations that generate new data that are then analyzed. A paper based strictly on library research is not suitable as an Honors thesis in Biology, but can be a legitimate X490 experience.

What is the nature of the thesis?

The thesis must follow the general format of a journal article (Introduction, Material and Methods/Procedures, Results, and Discussion/Conclusions). References to all sources must be included with format following that of a journal in the field of study relevant to the thesis topic.

While no absolute length requirement is in place, the suggested minimum length is 25 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. font (any standard font such as Times, Arial, Helvetica), and 1” margins.

Candidates may request to see previous examples of honors thesis work by contacting the Biology Undergraduate Advising Office.

A physical copy of the Honors thesis must be provided to the committee no later than April 15 (for May graduates) or December 1 (for December graduates).

What is involved in the successful defense of an Honors thesis?

A public thesis defense must be held, followed by a private meeting with the committee.

The candidate is responsible for booking a time and place for a public defense. The candidate must advertise the defense. See a staff member in Jordan Hall 142 to announce the defense.

Following the public defense, the candidate must meet with the committee to address any issues. Once the defense is completed to the satisfaction of the committee, the thesis must be signed by all committee members.

A signed physical copy of the Honors thesis document must be submitted to the Biology Undergraduate Advising Office prior to graduation. Please turn in your thesis by May 15 for May graduation and December 15 for December graduation.

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