Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior Ph.D.

Why come to Indiana University's EEB program?

  • We have a long and illustrious history of evolutionary research.
  • We are widely recognized as one of the top EEB graduate programs in the world.
  • Our individually tailored training programs allow students to develop their own interests and excel creatively.
  • We have built an exceptionally collegial, cooperative, and rigorous research environment.
  • You are encouraged to interact with a range of faculty and laboratory groups from the moment you arrive.
  • We foster an open learning environment where students can acquire the skills and perspectives necessary to pursue their own creative endeavors.
  • Our large and active faculty provides unrivaled opportunities for training in a range of specializations within EEB.
  • Our outstanding graduate students provide an unparalleled set of colleagues that greatly enhance our training mission.
  • We are committed to celebrating diversity and inclusion as well as maintaining a culture of respect and kindness.
  • Our generous financial support is guaranteed for five years.

Source: Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index

Steps to becoming an EEB graduate student

Background of blurred grass and brown leaves. In the foreground are a woman and a man's legs and feet.  Both are wearing hiking boots.  They appear to be sitting on elevated ground with their feet extending out over the edge.

Our "How to apply" page provides useful information common to all three Ph.D. programs in our department. But FIRST, visit our "Steps" page with information about the admissions process that may be unique to the EEB program.

Steps to becoming an EEB graduate student

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