Drosophila Research Resources

Drosophila Genomics Resource Center

The Drosophila Genomics Resource Center (DGRC) serves to provide the worldwide research community access to Drosophila genomics resources. The DGRC was established at Indiana University in 2003 and is supported by funding from the NIH (NCRR and NIGMS) and user fees. The DGRC collection includes approximately 200 cell lines, 325 cloning vectors, and over 1 million clones. The DGRC has approximately 7,000 registered users in 3,200 laboratories. It has distributed over 70,000 resources since it began in 2004. The DGRC website provides information regarding resources, suggested protocols, and online registration and ordering.

DGRC scientists

DGRC scientists are an integral part of the Indiana University Drosophila group. IU graduate students and postdocs have ready access to the genomics resources and to advice from the center’s staff.

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