Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology Ph.D.

Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology Graduate Program

The Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology (GCDB) graduate program offers interdisciplinary training in genetics, genomics, bioinformatics, molecular biology, biochemistry, developmental biology, cell biology, and evolution. We are engaged in a wide range of cutting-edge research, offering graduate students many choices from which to select areas of specialization for their thesis research.

In our program, you will learn how to plan, execute, and critically analyze experiments. Other professional development includes learning how to present seminars and write high-quality research papers and grants. The GCDB program provides students with the training and research experience necessary to pursue a diversity of careers, including academic biomedical research, biotech industry, and university-level teaching.

Why come to IU Biology’s GCDB program?

  • Unique combination of research excellence and a first-class graduate training program
  • Training program includes research rotations, a first-year core curriculum, customized advanced courses, and individual career development advice from faculty
  • Intense focus on fundamental research questions
  • Exceptionally collegial, cooperative, and rigorous research environment
  • Wide range of faculty interests and research opportunities for graduate students to explore
  • Our commitment to celebrating diversity and inclusion as well as maintaining a culture of respect and kindness.
  • Generous financial support that is guaranteed for 5 years

Fast facts

98% of our Ph.D. graduates have pursued a biology-related career

Faculty members perform research in a variety of animal, plant, and fungal model systems

Students have access to world-class facilities for Genomics, Proteomics, Bioinformatics, Flow Cytometry, and Microscopy