Michael VanNieuwenhze

Michael VanNieuwenhze, the Standiford H. Cox Professor in the IU Bloomington College of Arts and Sciences' Department of Chemistry and an affiliate professor in the College's Department of Biology, is a chemist specializing in the chemistry and biology of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis. His research focuses on developing methods to visualize the dynamics of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and bacterial cell division, as well as the study of peptide antibiotics that inhibit the bacterial cell wall biosynthetic pathway. This work includes developing a new class of fluorescent D-amino acids, which have helped revolutionize the study of bacterial cell wall biosynthesis at the molecular level as well as its role in bacterial cell division.

AAAS citation of merit: For distinguished contributions to the fields of chemistry and bacterial cell biology, particularly for methods to visualize bacterial cell wall biosynthesis and bacterial cell division.