Brian Calvi

Brian Calvi

Professor, Biology



  • Ph.D., Harvard University, 1993
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Carnegie Institution of Washington, 1993-1998


Herriage, H. C. And Calvi, B. R. (2024) Premature endocycling of Drosophila follicle cells causes pleiotropic defects in oogenesis. Genetics 226:

Chakravarti, A, Thirimane, H, Brown, S, and Calvi, B.R. (2022) Drosophila p53 isoforms have overlapping and distinct functions in germline genome integrity and oocyte quality control. eLife, 11:e61389 doi: 10.7554/eLife.61389

Rotelli, M.D., Policastro, R., Bolling, A.M., Killion, A.W., Weinberg, A.J., Dixon, M.J., Zentner, G., Lilly, M., Walczak, C., and Calvi, B.R. (2019) A Cyclin A—Myb-MuvB—Aurora B network regulates the choice between mitotic cycles and polyploid endoreplication cycles. PLoS Genet 15: e1008253.

Lesly, S., Bandura, J.L., Calvi, B.R. (2017) Rapid DNA Synthesis During Early Drosophila Embryogenesis Is Sensitive to Maternal Humpty Dumpty Protein Function. Genetics 207, 935-947. PMC5676233 (featured in Highlight section and one of our micrographs was featured on the Genetics website)

Zhang, C, Montooth, K.L., and Calvi, B.R. (2017) Incompatibility between mitochondrial and nuclear genomes during oogenesis results in ovarian failure and embryonic lethality. Development, 144, 2490-2503 doi:10.1242/dev.151951 PMC5536873

Qi, S., and Calvi, B.R. (2016) Different cell cycle modifications repress apoptosis at different steps independent of developmental signaling in Drosophila. Mol. Biol. Cell, 27(12)1885-97. PMC4907722

Chen, S., Stout, J. R., Dharmaiah, S., Yde, S., Calvi,B.R. and Walczak, C.E. (2016) Transient endoreplication down-regulates the kinesin-14 HSET and contributes to genomic instability. Mol. Biol. Cell, 10(19):2911-23. PMC5042578

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