World-class teaching + research

IU Biology is nationally recognized as an outstanding example of an integrated and unified department. We provide undergraduate and graduate students access to the full breadth of the exciting and dynamic fields within the biological sciences. Our students benefit from vibrant research programs and access to the latest technologies in research and teaching facilities.

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A range of research strengths

Our faculty, research scientists, and graduate and undergraduate students are exploring everything from ecosystems to microbiology and developmental biology; evolution to cell biology; molecular biology to systems biology, bioinformatics, and genomics. Together, we explore the breadth of biological questions and experimental systems.

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Diversity of expertise + scientific approach

Our faculty are world-class researchers and teachers who share an excitement for the life sciences. The diversity of expertise and scientific approach, combined with our exceptional collegial culture, is what makes IU Biology stand out and has made IU a premiere place for performing research.

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