Erika Anderson, who is earning a BS in biology with a mathematics minor, will receive the $7,500 award for each of two years. She works with biologist Mimi Zolan. “Erika works with Claire Burns, a post-doc in the lab. She is doing microarray analysis of meiotic mutants, work that is both technically and intellectually sophisticated,” said Zolan. “It's been fun interacting with her all along, and her role in the lab is more and more as an intellectual peer. She is just completing her second year at IU, and is already writing a section of an upcoming paper, participating in lab journal discussions held jointly with the Lacefield lab, and engaging in wide-ranging discussions about the work in the lab.”

Anderson received a 2008 Wells Scholarship, considered one of the most competitive and prestigious awards offered by any American university. She was named a 2009 Beckman Scholar by the Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation, a national program designed to advance the education, research training and personal development of select students nationwide. Like Kulow, Anderson is an alumnus of the IFLE program and a member of IU STARS.