Microbiology Ph.D.

Microbiology Graduate Program

This is an exciting time for microbiologists and the field of microbiology, as recent years have produced a revolution in microbial biology.

IU Biology offers an exciting interdisciplinary graduate program that provides training in the microbiology of prokaryotes, eukaryotes, and viruses. The program teaches our graduate students how to critically analyze and plan scientific research, present seminars, write high-quality research papers, and obtain grant funding. Our graduate program provides students with the training and research experience necessary to pursue a wide range of careers in academic biomedical research, the biotech industry, government science, and university-level teaching.

IU Microbiology logo:  Indiana plus the Greek letter mu.
The Greek letter “μ” is a symbol for the prefix micro-, equating to one millionth of a unit (10-6). We use the indianaμ logo to represent our Microbiology section in the Department of Biology at Indiana University Bloomington. The μ symbol has dual significance because our group of microbiology researchers study bacteria and viruses that measure in the micro-scale. Our indianaμ logo symbolizes the unique and remarkable microbiological science occurring at Indiana University.