Taylor Fellowship

2020 Taylor Fellow: Stephanie Gummersheimer

Stephanie Gummersheimer is a Ph.D. student in the Microbiology Graduate Program. She is a member of Associate Professor Pranav Danthi's lab.

2020 Taylor Fellow: Lauren Nease

Lauren Nease is a Ph.D. student in the Microbiology Graduate Program. She is a member of Professor Rich Hardy's lab.

2020 Taylor Fellow: Asha Philip

Asha Philip is a third-year Ph.D student in the laboratory of Professor John T. Patton. Asha has spearheaded the development of the rotavirus reverse genetics system in the laboratory. Her thesis project is to use this system to generate and characterize recombinant rotavirus strains that express foreign proteins including norovirus capsid proteins and coronavirus spike proteins. In her recent papers, Asha showed that NSP3 gene of rotavirus is very flexible and can be re-engineered to express fluorescent proteins as additional separate proteins, without compromising any rotaviral proteins.

During her spare time, Asha enjoys creating YouTube videos on academic and scientific topics.

This award will support Asha as she explores her next project on development of rotavirus-norovirus dual vaccine and rotavirus-COVID19 dual vaccine for infants and young children.

2020 Taylor Fellow: Caleb Starr

Caleb Starr is a Ph.D. student in the Biochemistry Graduate Program. As a member in the lab of Adam Zlotnick (professor of molecular and cellular biochemistry and adjunct professor of biology), Caleb's project focuses on the disassembly of the hepatitis B virus. This award will help Caleb continue the project as he seeks to better understand the stability and thermodynamics of hepatitis B virus capsids.