Taylor Fellowship

2023 Taylor Fellow: Max Garcia

Max Garcia is a Ph.D. candidate in Professor Pranav Danthi's lab. He studies mammalian reovirus and how particle stability is controlled. Max’s research has also led to understanding how alterations in some capsid proteins have staggering effects on others. After teaching molecular biology for two semesters and a microbiology lab for three semesters, he looks forward to teaching in the future

2023 Taylor Fellow: Nora Gibes

Nora is a Ph.D. candidate in Professor Adam Zlotnick's lab. She is using cryo-EM to study the structural changes that Hepatitis B Virus undergoes during viral genome maturation. She plans to continue studying structural biochemistry after graduation. Nora also enjoys participating in the BiochemGRC.

2023 Taylor Fellow: Nicole Stark

Nicole is a fifth-year graduate student in Professor Rich Hardy’s lab. Her research focuses on Wolbachia-mediated pathogen blocking of RNA viruses.