Tatum Scholarship

2021 Tatum Scholar: Haiz Webb

Haiz Webb is a 4th-year student on a 5-year graduation plan pursuing dual B.S. degrees in biology and comprehensive design with minors in animal behavior, environmental science, and music as well as the Hutton Honors Notation.

During his time at IU, Haiz has worked as a resident assistant at Wells Quad, a student leader for the IU2U program in China and India, and a teaching intern for the Intensive Freshman Seminar, a position he will return to for the third time this summer. Currently, he is a UTA (undergraduate teaching assistant) for Lecturer Laura Mojonnier’s course BIOL-L 104 Biology of the Senses and is looking forward to hopefully being a UTA for BIOL-Z 373 Entomology with Lecturer Megan Murphy this summer and Professor Armin Moczek this fall.

After graduation, Haiz plans to take a gap year abroad teaching or studying before returning to school to pursue a master’s degree in landscape architecture with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor of practice in landscape architecture.