Roessler Fellowship

2019 Roessler Scholar: Andrew Quest

Andrew Quest is a sophomore pursing bachelor degrees in both microbiology and chemistry. He is an undergraduate researcher in Associate Professor Silas Cook’s lab. There, he conducts organometallic research investigating novel reactivity of palladium and iron-based catalysts. Following graduation, Andrew plans to pursue a Ph.D. in chemistry, intent on becoming a professor of chemistry, with goals of teaching organic and biochemistry to future undergraduates. When not in class or conducting research, Andrew is an active member in Alpha Chi Sigma and enjoys running, playing tennis, and travelling with his family.

2019 Roessler Scholar: Catherine Klancher

Catherine Klancher is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Assistant Professor Ankur Dalia's lab. She is interested in bacterial responses to environmental cues and is studying the transcriptional response of the marine bacterium Vibrio cholerae to chitin as a model system. As she continues her dissertation work, Catherine will strive to uncover the mechanism underlying chitin-dependent responses, which thus far have remained unclear. After graduate school, she hopes to continue her research at a university or research foundation.