Roessler Fellowship

2022 Roessler Scholar: Brittany Herrin

Brittany Herrin is a Ph.D. student in the lab of Associate Professor Jake McKinlay. Her research leverages genetic and biochemical approaches to study how a newly evolved nutrient utilization trait integrates into the physiology of the organism in which it evolved, as well as a community in which that organism resides. In her free time, she enjoys video games, crochet, and playing with her cats. Post-graduation, she is aiming to continue working on bacterial metabolism in the field of astrobiology.

2022 Roessler Scholar: Kyle Kristoff

Kyle Kristoff is a junior dual majoring in microbiology and epidemiology. Kyle currently works as a resident assistant for IU Residential Programs and Services but will spend the 2022 summer working as a research aid for Jonathan Dworkin at Columbia University in New York City. After Kyle completes their undergraduate, they plan to pursue a Ph.D. in microbial ecology. Kyle has completed research independently with their main interests focusing on endospore formation and environmental microbiomes. In their free time, Kyle spends a great deal of time working with and at Collins Living and Learning Center and will be serving the center as 2022-2023 center president.