Roessler Fellowship

2023 Roessler Scholar: Andres Garcia Matos

Andres works in Professor Kay Choi’s lab where he studies the structure and interaction between poliovirus 3C protease and stem-loop D RNA. The research involves purifying protein and RNA, gel-based assays, and crystallization. He hopes to have the opportunity to study RNA viruses to a deeper degree, especially the influenza virus in future research projects. Andres is also interested in pathogenic fungi in humans and is eager to take part in the research of constructing more effective methods for dealing with fungal infections that do not cause severe reactions to the host. He developed this interest from the recent spike in research in pathogenic fungi from the growing rate of infections and how the current methods of treatment pose equal harm to the host and the targeted fungal infection. Andres will use the McClung Scholarship to support his research over the summer as well as research projects during future semesters.

2023 Roessler Scholar: William Rockliff

William is a junior majoring in microbiology. He has been gaining experience conducting research since his freshman year through the ASURE genome engineering program. In this program, he studied the prophages of Vibrio natriegens and how they affected growth. He currently does research in Associate Professor Jake McKinlay’s lab where he investigates V. natriegens biofilm expression. William plans to continue this research into the summer and next year so that he can construct an honors thesis. After completing his undergraduate degree, he plans to pursue a Ph.D. in microbiology.

2023 Roessler Scholar: Payel Paul

Payel is a graduate student in Associate Professor Julia van Kessel’s lab. She studies molecular mechanisms associated with the regulation of Type III secretion system by quorum sensing system in the marine pathogen Vibrio campbellii. Payel is passionate about molecular genetics of bacteria and has taught multiple undergraduate courses related to it. This award is important to Payel as it will propel her dissertation research towards completion. She hopes to continue in academic research, studying various molecular processes associated with bacterial systems. Outside of work, Payel loves to read mystery novels, travel, and hike.