Sid Robinson Biology Scholarship

2023 Robinson Biology Scholar: Chloe Lopez

Chloe is pursuing a major in Biology and contemplating declaring a minor in Chemistry and American Studies. She is an undergraduate teaching intern for Lecturer Kimberly Arnold in CHEM-C 103 Introduction to Chemical Principles. She is a member of the student organization Medicine, Education, and Development to Low Income Families Everywhere—or MEDLIFE. The organization works to provide low-income communities with access to healthcare and educational workshops. Chloe will participate in a MEDLIFE service learning trip to Costa Rica this summer. Outside of her academic interests, Chloe enjoys playing softball and soccer.

2023 Robinson Biology Scholar: Joy Seo

Joy is a freshman majoring in biology with minors in chemistry and English. She is in the ASURE Antibiotics 2.0 chemistry lab with Senior Lecturer Laura Brown, where she studies quorum sensing in bacteria and researches small molecule inhibitors that can make Vibrio coralliilyticus bacteria nonpathogenic. Joy is also involved in the Minority Association of Premed Students, the Hutton Honors Council Association, and UNi.SON. After graduation, she plans to attend medical school.