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Dr. L.S. McClung Scholarship in Microbiology

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About Leland S. McClung, Ph.D.

Professor Leland S. McClung, Ph.D., came to Indiana University in 1940, where he excelled as a professor, administrator, and researcher. McClung, who was internationally known for his research on anaerobic bacteria, created and then led for 25 years the Department of Bacteriology, which has now evolved into our microbiology program. In addition to building a model curriculum, McClung recruited prominent scientists for the department; the first faculty member he hired, Salvadore Luria, later became a Nobel Laureate.

According to Gary Sojka, former chair of Biology, “Professor McClung’s administrative talents were widely recognzied, appreciated, and sought after outside Indiana University.” Among his many esteemed positions, McClung was Vice President of the Society of Industrial Microbiology in 1958, President of the National Association for Biology Teachers in 1965, and the Archivist for the American Society for Microbiology. He also conducted numerous highly acclaimed summer institutes supported by the National Science Foundation that trained high school biology teachers in microbiology. Because of his experience running these institutes, the NSF later asked him to serve as a consultant to Taiwan and India. In 1980, he was awarded an honorary membership to the American Society of Microbiologists, one of the society’s highest distinctions.

2021 Dr. L.S. McClung Scholar: Abigael "Abby" Frederick

Abigael "Abby" Frederick is a second-year undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in microbiology. She works in Associate Professor Dean Rowe-Magnus's microbiology lab as a research associate, studying how specific gene expression in Vibrio vulnificus affects the ability for V. vulnificus to chemotax in the environment and in human tissue. She recently published a manuscript on this research. In addition, Abby interned in the microbiology department at Exelead in Indianapolis in the summer of 2020.

Outside of her research, Abby is a member of the Hutton Honors Council Association, HFGLA (Hutton First Generation), Sole Hope at Indiana University, and Indiana University Swim Club as the vice president of programming. She is interested in working in a research lab for autoimmune disorders and would eventually like to teach at the university level.

2021 Dr. L.S. McClung Scholar: Mary Slaughter

Mary Slaughter is a junior pursuing a B.S. in microbiology and a B.A. in Hispanic studies. She is a member of Associate Professor Irene Newton’s lab, where she works on host-microbe interactions between Wolbachia and Drosophila melanogaster. Her research project involves identifying, analyzing, and exploring the effects of Wolbachia in Caribbean island flies. When not in class or the lab, Mary is heavily involved on campus as president of Timmy Global Health, VP of Advocacy for buildOn, and historian for Phi Delta Epsilon. She loves to travel, hike, and volunteer throughout the Bloomington community but especially loves volunteering at Shalom Community Center. She plans to become a physician-scientist.

About the Dr. L.S. McClung Scholarship

The McClung Scholarship was established in 1987 by Cornelius "Con" F. Sterling. Sterling earned his B.A. in 1942. He was the first Indiana University undergraduate to receive a degree in bacteriology, the precursor to our current microbiology program. The award honors Professor L.S. McClung, who was chair of the Bacteriology Department when Sterling was a student.

The scholarship is available to in-state microbiology majors who excel academically and plan to work in the field of or pursue a graduate degree in microbiology.