Malacinski Scholarship

2021 Malacinski Scholar: Luke Schmitt

Luke Schmitt, who will be a sophomore in the fall of 2021, is pursuing a B.S. degree in biology with a minor in chemistry. Luke plans to join Phi Delta Epsilon as he continues on the pre-med track. He has fast-tracked his education by having achieved 74 credits and will finish 14 more by the end of his freshman year.

Luke works as a patient care safety assistant at Johnson Memorial Hospital in Franklin, Indiana, where he watches over patients, helps out at the hospital, and learns everything he can from mentors such as Dr. Shawn and his father, JohnAllen Schmitt. Luke has been able to observe multiple surgeries, talk with patients on the med/surg floor, and take notes while the emergency room gained new patients.

Luke has a love of biology that stems from his eighth-grade year. From watching blood coagulate to dissecting a shark, he has seen a lot! He is excited to delve into future research opportunities and hopefully work in the different labs that IU has to offer!

He is incredibly involved in the IU Army ROTC program. Look for him at future IU basketball games with the Crimson Rifles as he holds the flag or a rifle.

Following his time at IU, Luke intends on attending medical school to become a physician. He plans on either specializing as a pediatrician, family practice, or ER.