Konetzka Fellowship

2021 Konetzka Fellow: Asha A. Philip

Asha A. Philip is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Professor John Patton's lab at IU. Asha's research focuses on the possibility of re-engineering rotaviruses to express foreign proteins, thereby using it as a new vaccine platform for use in children.

Asha has enjoyed teaching the Human Immunology course for two semesters. She helped student learning by preparing a study guide for each exam and conducting exam help sessions. She particularly enjoyed teaching with her mentor John Patton to identify how to make the course more interactive and useful for student learning during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Asha is looking forward to a career in medical-school-level teaching and research. She plans ultimately to serve as a faculty member in a medical or veterinary university where she will focus on research related to virology and immunology.

Asha was also awarded first place in IU Biology's 2021 Floyd Award for Outstanding Publication in Microbiology for her paper that appeared in the Journal of Virology. In the paper, she demonstrated the possibility of using rotaviruses as an expression vector for fluorescent reporter proteins.