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George Hudock Fellowship

Thanks to donors like you, the George Hudock Biology Fellowship generates an estimated annual income of $1,300. With your support, this important award will continue to recognize a promising student while paying tribute to a beloved professor.

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About George Hudock

George Hudock came to Indiana University in 1965 and remained here until his retirement in 2000. Hudock's outstanding teaching earned him several awards, including IU’s Ulysses G. Weatherly Award for distinguished teaching, the 1972 Teaching Award from the Senior Class Council, and the 1998 Teaching Excellence Recognition Award. He also earned Biology's Senior Class Award for Teaching Excellence in Biology and Dedication to Undergraduates in 1987. He passed away in 2015.

2021 Hudock Fellow: Emmi Mueller

Emmi Mueller is a fourth-year Ph.D. candidate in Professor Jay Lennon's lab where she studies patterns of biodiversity in various ecosystems, including mammalian guts and lakes. Her dissertation aims to answer questions about how residence time (e.g., the time microorganisms spend in a lake) and habitat structure (e.g., intestinal villi arrangement) shape microbial communities. For mammalian gut-related research, Emmi designs 3D-printed gut segments with varying levels of residence time and habitat structure. For lake microbial community research, she uses bioreactors to impose a gradient of residence times on the system. The Hudock Fellowship will allow her to spend the summer running experiments in her lake chemostat system to investigate the role of residence time in structuring lake microbial communities.

About the George Hudock Fellowship

This fund is used to support and maintain the George Hudock Biology Fellowship, which is open to Department of Biology graduate students in good academic standing. First preference is given to qualified Master’s candidates and second to Master's or Doctoral level students in need of summer support or financial assistance for special seminars or training.

This endowed fellowship was established in 1993 by Indiana University alumni, Fern (Hays) and Clifford DeLaCroix. Hudock taught and mentored Mrs. DeLaCroix during her college career, and she wished to honor him for his outstanding teaching ability, support, and guidance.