Hewins Scholarship in Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies

2022 Hewins Scholar: Katie Talbott

Katherine “Katie” Talbott is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Distinguished Professor Ellen Ketterson's lab, where she uses both field and lab-based approaches to study the impact of avian malaria parasitism on reproductive behavior and physiology of Dark-eyed Juncos. Katie enjoys opportunities to foster science literacy and an appreciation for wildlife. At IU, this takes the form of undergraduate instruction as an associate instructor, participating in the annual Science Fest program, and contributing to the ScIU science blog. She is especially active in mentoring undergraduate researchers, including those in the Research Scholar Cohort Program and Center for Integrative and Comparative Biology’s Research Experience for Undergraduates. She also advocates for IU students in the Evolution, Ecology, and Biology Graduate Program as a member of EEB Org.