Fox Glen Award

2020 Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award Recipient: Daniel Rhoda

Daniel Rhoda is in the lab of P. David Polly (professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and adjunct professor of biology). As a member of Polly's lab, Daniel studies paleontology and evolutionary biology. For his senior project he has collected over 250 3D models of shelled organisms called brachiopods from a 440-million-year-old biotic invasion event to anticipate the long-term (>1000 years) consequences of faunal turnover. Daniel also conducted research at the American Museum of Natural History in the summer of 2019. There, he used micro-CT scanning and 3D morphometrics to study the evolution of snakes, asking to what extent their feeding behavior has directed the evolution of their skulls. Daniel is very excited to continue his paleontological research through the University of Chicago's Committee on Evolutionary Biology Ph.D. program in the fall with support from the NSF's Graduate Research Fellowship Program.