Fox Glen Award

2021 Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award Recipient: Alyssa Saunders

Alyssa Saunders is a member of Associate Professor G. Troy Smith's lab where she works alongside Ph.D. candidate Megan Freiler. Since her sophomore year, Alyssa has studied how differences in species sociality contributes to the evolution of communication signal variation in weakly electric fish. This research was the focus of her undergraduate thesis which was defended in a unique virtual format on Zoom. After graduating from Indiana University, Alyssa will continue to study weakly electric fish as she pursues a Ph.D. in integrative biology at Michigan State University.

Alyssa received the Fox Glen Award in recognition of her paper: Alyssa N. Saunders, M.K. Freiler, and G. Troy Smith. A comparison of chirping as an agonistic signal in gregarious and territorial species of weakly electric fish.