Floyd Award for Outstanding Publication in Microbiology

2023 Floyd Award for Outstanding Publication in Microbiology Recipients

Each year the microbiology faculty members award a prize for the best microbiology publication by a graduate student. This year four papers were chosen to each receive a prize.

Zhongqing Ren

Zhongqing is a fifth-year PhD student in Assistant Professor Xindan Wang’s lab. He is interested in understanding how chromosomes are organized and segregated in bacteria, especially bacteria with more than one chromosome. Combining molecular approaches and microscopy, Zhongqing studies how different proteins contribute to the organization and maintenance of bacterial chromosomes.

Second prize: Audrey Parish

Audrey is a graduating sixth-year PhD candidate in the Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior Program. She is a member of Professor Irene Newton’s lab where she studies a novel nutritional mutualism between honey bee larvae and their microbiome. Audrey’s broad interests include developmental plasticity, bacterial metabolism, and the molecular mechanisms underlying host-microbe interactions.

Publication: Parish, Audrey J., Danny W. Rice, Vicki M. Tanquary, Jason M. Tennessen, and Irene LG Newton. Honey bee symbiont buffers larvae against nutritional stress and supplements lysine. The ISME Journal, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41396-022-01268-x.