Ferguson Internship

2019 Ferguson Intern: Zachary Kovach

Zachary Kovach is the 2019 recipient of the Arlene Ferguson Internship at the Hilltop Gardens. Zachary is from Ellettsville, IN, a freshman majoring in biology, but has supplemental interests in geology and Spanish.

Primarily over the summer, Zachary spends time in a biostratigraphy disaggregation and dissolution lab at the Indiana Geological and Water Survey, working with the index fossil organism, the conodont, to better the understanding of the absolute age of sedimentary deposits.

Within biology, Zachary is particularly interested in population genetics, evolution, and phylogeny. With the generous opportunity of working in the Hilltop Gardens coupled with his experience working in a biostratigraphy lab, he has prepared himself to pursue a degree focusing on plant evolution and diversification.