Briggs Fellowship

2020 Briggs Fellow: Nader Mahmoudzadeh

Nader Mahmoudzadeh is a Ph.D. student in Associate Professor Jason Tennessen's lab. He is interested in the role of small molecule metabolites in regulation of metabolism during development. Nader has shown that accumulation of a metabolite associated with cancer is part of the natural developmental program of certain species of insects.

2020 Briggs Fellow: Sromana Mukherjee

Sromana Mukherjee is a Ph.D. student in Associate Professor Nicholas Sokol's lab. Her primary research interests include understanding cell fate control during development. In the Sokol lab, Sromana has been specifically looking at the role of microRNAs that regulate intestinal stem cells in Drosophila. Recently, she has been able to show how an intestinally enriched microRNA in Drosophila helps the animal respond to external stress. Outside the lab, Sromana likes to spend time hiking and reading books.