Kimberly Rosvall

Kimberly Rosvall

Associate Professor, Biology



  • Ph.D., Duke University, 2009
Tree swallow chick
D12 tree swallow chick with attitude.
Rosvall lab members processing D12 tree swallow chicks in car during rain
Rain can't stop 'em: Emma, Seth, and Bo processing D12 chicks in the car while it pours.
1-year-old, banded female return-chick (tree swallow) scoping for a nestbox.
1-year-old, banded female return-chick scoping for a nestbox.
Students checking tree swallow nest boxes during flood in daytime and at night
Floods as well as floods + darkness = no match for Team Tree Swallow collecting data.
Adult tree swallow
Adult tree swallow.

Tree swallow release

A member of the Rosvall lab releases a tree swallow in the field.