Tuli Mukhopadhyay

Tuli Mukhopadhyay

Professor, Biology

Director of Graduate Studies, Biology


  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Purdue University, 1999-2005
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, 1996-1999
  • Ph.D., University of Illinois at Chicago, 1996


Ramsey J, Mukhopadhyay S. 2017. Disentangling the frames, the state of research on the alphavirus 6K and TF proteinsViruses9, 228.

Lazaro GR, Mukhopadhyay S, Hagan MF. 2017. Why enveloped viruses need cores—the contribution of a nucleocapsid core to viral budding. arXiv preprint arXiv:1706.04867.

Ramsey J, Renzi EC, Arnold RJ, Trinidad JC, Mukhopadhyay S. 2017. Palmitoylation of Sindbis virus TF protein regulates its plasma membrane localization and subsequent incorporation into virionsJ Virol 91:e02000-16.

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