Volker Brendel

Volker Brendel

Professor, Biology

Professor, Computer Science


  • Ph.D., Life Sciences, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel, 1988
  • M.Sc., Applied Statistics, University of Oxford, UK


Raborn, R.T., Spitze, K., Brendel, V.P., and Lynch, M. (2016) Promoter architecture and sex-specific gene expression in Daphnia pulexGenetics 204, 593-612.

Duvick, J., Standage, D.S., Merchant, N., and Brendel, V.P. (2016) xGDBvm: A Web GUI-driven workflow for annotating eukaryotic genomes in the cloudThe Plant Cell 28, 840-854.

Standage, D.S., Berens, A.J., Glastad, K.M., Severin, A.J., Brendel, V.P., and Toth, A.L. (2016) Genome, transcriptom and methylome sequencing of a primitively eusocial wasp reveal a greatly reduced DNA methylation system in a social insect. Molecular Ecology 25, 1769-1784.

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