Farrah Bashey-Visser

Farrah Bashey-Visser

Assistant Scientist, Biology

Lecturer, Human Biology


  • Ph.D., University of California, Riverside, 2002


Bashey, F., Sarin, T. and C.M. Lively (2016) Aging Influences Interspecific Competition Between Two Sympatric Insect-Parasitic Nematode Species. Ecology and Evolution 6: 3750-3759

Morran, L.T., Penley, M.J., Byrd, V.S., Meyer, A.J., O'Sullivan, T.S., Bashey, F., Goodrich-Blair, H. & Lively, C.M. (2016) Nematode-Bacteria Mutualism: Selection Within the Mutualism Supersedes Selection Outside of the Mutualism. Evolution 70 687-695.

Bashey, F. (2015) Within-host competitive interactions as a mechanism for the maintenance of parasite diversity. Philosophical Transactions The Royal Society B 370: 20140301.

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