Fox Glen Research & Education Fund Award Undergraduate Requirements

Fox Glen Research & Education Fund Award

This scholarship was established with the support of John Sinclair to encourage effective undergraduate participation in research. This award is based on scientific merit and is unrelated to need and GPA.


Undergraduates with a declared major from the IUB Department of Biology who are engaged in undergraduate research through Biology L490, X490, or their equivalents.


At least 1 previous semester of L490, X490, or their equivalents. Applicant must submit a research paper (written by the applicant) in the form of a publishable manuscript. (Paper must define a hypothesis; describe why this is important; propose an experimental test of the hypothesis; carry out the experiment and interpret the results and impact of the evaluation of the hypothesis; and finally, propose future work.)



Sofia Bertoloni Meli, 2016 Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Scholar

Sofia Bertoloni Meli was recognized for her paper, “Trade-off between the parasitic and anti-competitor roles of a bacterial symbiont of insect-parasitic nematodes” that was based on research done in Dr. Farrah Bashey-Visser’s laboratory. Her work in the Bashey-Visser laboratory also earned her the Biology Undergraduate Research Award.

Sofia is EMT basic certified and participated in the Intra-Collegiate Emergency Medical Service, providing emergency medical attention at campus and community events. She shadowed local physicians in clinical and hospital settings during her junior year. Sofia participated in the Global Medical Brigades Program to promote global and community health through volunteering and setting up a medical clinic in Panama. Through Bloomington’s Volunteers in Medicine program, she collaborated with pharmacists to provide medications to those without health insurance.

During her time at IU, Sofia was an officer of the Science Outreach Society, serving as secretary (2014-2015) and as president (2015-2016). She was advertising chair (2013-2014), secretary (2014-2016), and vice president (2015-2016) for our Biology Club. She was also active with the Alpha Chi Sigma Professional Chemistry Fraternity.

Sofia graduated in May 2016 with degrees in Biology and Psychology. This fall she embarks on a new stage in her life as she attends IU School of Medicine to become a physician.