Carl H. Eigenmann Scholarship Undergraduate Requirements

Carl H. Eigenmann Scholarship

Dr. Eigenmann was a distinguished researcher of fishes and evolution. The scholarship is a bequest of his daughter, Adele Rosa Eiler, who died in 1978.


Any undergraduate with a declared major from the IUB Department of Biology who is interested in zoological or other biological research.


GPA above 3.3. Sincere interest in biology; research, academic, or professional application is essential.



Colette Ciresi, 2016 Carl H. Eigenmann Scholar

Eigenmann Scholar Colette Ciresi is passionate to improve the health of the environment and her fellow organisms. Colette has studied the biodiversity and inoculation methods of plant endophytes in Distinguished Professor Keith Clay’s lab, volunteered with Assistant Professor Kim Rosvall’s summer Tree Swallow project, and studied the Mesoamerican coral reef in Belize.

Her mentor is Distinguished Professor Michael Wade. She has assisted with investigations in his lab during her three years at IU as part of the IU-STARS (Science Technology and Research Scholars) Program. Last semester, Colette began an independent study to investigate the environmental and ecological factors that favor the evolution of male parental care in frogs. Colette has a keen interest in disease ecology and is also interested in studying the emerging infectious diseases threatening amphibians by altering their development. Her diverse experience with science and conceptual issues in ecology and evolution make her a most promising IU undergraduate.

In addition to her biological research, Colette was a biology undergraduate teaching assistant. She was a UTA for Dr. Wade’s BIOL-L 111 Evolution and Diversity during the fall 2015 semester.

Colette belongs to the Hutton Honors College. She is chair of the Hutton Bloomington Outreach Literacy and Life Skills Initiative, working at Fairview Elementary School to help local children improve their literacy skills. Colette is a 2015 Founders Scholar and was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa this year. Phi Beta Kappa is the nation’s oldest academic honor society in existence. She is active with the TIMMY Global Health Program, and serves as a chair of the local hospital volunteering for the largest college Timmy chapter in the nation. Colette was one of 20 students selected to participate in the IU Timmy Medical Brigade trip to Xela, Guatemala, in March 2015.