Biology Undergraduate Research Award Undergraduate Requirements

Biology Undergraduate Research Award

Established in 1988 by the Department of Biology to encourage undergraduate students to engage in independent research projects and to provide them with experience writing research papers. Cook Incorporated of Bloomington, Indiana, now funds the award.


Any undergraduate with a declared major from the IUB Department of Biology who is enrolled in Biology L490, X490, or their equivalents.


Up to $1500 for the best research paper written by a student, a copy of which will be presented to Cook Incorporated.

Sofia Bertoloni Meli, 2016 Biology Undergraduate Research Award Recipient

Sofia Bertoloni Meli was recognized for her paper, “Trade-off between the parasitic and anti-competitor roles of a bacterial symbiont of insect-parasitic nematodes” that was based on research done in Dr. Farrah Bashey-Visser’s laboratory. There Sofia researched microbial symbionts and how their roles may be beneficial in one context but harmful in another, using a bacterial symbiont of insect-parasitic nematodes. Her work in the Bashey-Visser laboratory also earned her the Fox Glen Research and Education Fund Award.

Sofia has been on the Dean’s List since 2012. A member of IU’s Hutton Honors College, she received a College International Experiences Program Grant from the college that enabled her to participate in a study abroad experience in Costa Rica in 2013. She also received a Hutton Honors College Travel Grant to present her research at Evolution 2014.