Putnam Research Fellowship Requirements

Frank W. Putnam Research Fellowship

IU alumni Yu-Sheng “Victor” and Lin-Dee Liu created the Putnam Research Fellowship in 2013 to honor Victor’s faculty mentor, Frank Putnam, who served on our faculty for 23 years. The Liu family funded this fellowship via its Building Futures Foundation, which supports its charitable endeavors aiding educational programs in the U.S., China, South Korea, South East Asia, and Africa.


IUB graduate students from either the Department of Biology or the Interdisciplinary Biochemistry Program who meet the below-stated criteria are eligible to apply.

  • This fellowship goes to a graduate student in good academic standing who is pursuing a Ph.D. in cell biology or biochemistry.
  • Applicant must be pursuing research that emphasizes immunology, protein chemistry, or human oncology.
  • Candidate must be an advanced-level graduate student who has successfully passed his or her qualifying examination as required for the Ph.D. degree.

Award amounts vary from year to year. Most Department of Biology awards are between $500 and $3000; a few are larger.

New way to apply being implemented

We are pleased to announce that applying to Biology funding opportunities is shifting to a streamlined process in One.IU.

Students will have a single portal for finding funding. The system will also optimize opportunities by matching you to recommended awards of which you might not otherwise be aware.

To get started, you must initiate a general application by answering 5 required questions and electronically signing before submitting. The application contains many questions designed for undergraduate applicants to IU. Continuing undergraduate and graduate students need only complete the required pieces. The general application may be created at any time during the academic year.

NOTE: One of the required questions is whether you have or will file a FAFSA for the coming year. Because some funding opportunities are given to students who demonstrate financial need, please consider the filing the FAFSA to provide the greatest access to funding.

For Biology awards, you must upload a current CV and the email address of a faculty member who will supply a letter of recommendation. Refer to specific awards for additional required materials. The capability to submit these materials will be added to individual funding applications once the system opens on January 5, 2021.

You will be sent emails about specific opportunities for which you are initially eligible, but may need to provide additional materials. These opportunities will tell you exactly what is needed, including your CV and letter of recommendation.

Start your general application today! Search in One.IU for the “IU Scholarships” tile.

More information will be available in January.

Recommendations and nominations

Faculty/Postdoc Fellows: Look for instructions in January on how to submit student award recommendations and nominations.

Student awards ceremony

Recipients of this award will be recognized at a student awards ceremony on Friday, April 30, 2021. The format—in person or online—is to be determined.