Fraser Fellowship Requirements

Dean Fraser Fellowship

The Fraser Fellowship was established in 2012 by Dr. Judith A. Bland (A.M., 1970; Ph.D., 1972) as a tribute to Dr. William Dean Fraser for his support and mentorship during her graduate student years in what was then the Microbiology Department. This fellowship was awarded for the first time in 2017.


Open to any graduate student from the IUB Department of Biology in good academic standing, with preference given to those interested in microbiology.

Award amounts vary from year to year. Most Department of Biology awards are between $500 and $3000; a few are larger.

Apply through One.IU

Search in One.IU for the “IU Scholarships” tile. The system will optimize opportunities by matching you to recommended awards.

To get started, you must initiate a general application by answering 5 required questions and electronically signing before submitting. The application contains many questions designed for undergraduate applicants to IU. Continuing undergraduate and graduate students need only complete the required pieces. The general application may be created at any time during the academic year.

For Biology awards, you must upload a current CV, a personal statement, and the email address of a faculty member who will supply a letter of recommendation. Refer to specific awards for additional required materials.

Recommendations and nominations

Faculty/Postdoc Fellows: Submit graduate student award recommendations and nominations via the graduate advising office dropbox.

Student awards ceremony

Recipients of this award will be recognized at a student awards ceremony to be held on Friday, April 29, 2022, at 3:30 p.m. in Biology Bldg. A100.