COVID-19 resources

COVID-19 resources

Check out the IU Biology COVID-19 web page on the Faculty+Staff Intranet for information specific to Biology—such as office hours, contact emails, IU Biology policy for resuming research, and a link to the IU Community Responsibility Acknowledgement Form (to be signed before working on campus).

IU Biology COVID-19

Visit IU's Coronavirus COVID-19 website for the latest university updates—including academic calendar, health and safety, campus operations, dashboard, and FAQs.


IU Student Government donated $100,000 to the on-campus food pantry, Crimson Cupboard, and to students financially affected by the coronavirus pandemic. If you need financial assistance you can submit an application. (Read the IDS article for details.)

The Crimson Cupboard is open for food pickup; check the website for hours.

Campus Kitchen at IU offers free meals and is open to all.

IUB sources of emergency funding

Graduate and undergraduate students can apply for emergency funds to help pay medical bills, rent, utilities, and other necessities. Support will first be distributed to those students with most dire need. Students must complete the application for COVID-19 emergency funds. Awards will average from $500–$1500. Funds awarded are grants to students and do not require repayment.

The IUB Biology Emergency Fund is open to graduate students with a declared major from IUB Biology and who are in critical “financial emergency” situations for which no other grant funds are available.

Small amount of funding available for graduate students. Contact IU Biology Director of Graduate Studies or department chair who, in turn, will contact Associate Dean Padraic Kenney with a description of your circumstances and the amount of financial need. These requests will be reviewed and funds will be disbursed based on urgency of need.

International students can apply for hardship assistance, which is disbursed through student Bursar accounts. Students must complete an OIS application. Typical award: $500–$2,000.

Get help through the IU Student Advocates Office with unexpected expenses. Usually limited to $500.

Finding food

Hoosier Hills Food Bank has compiled area food resources into two brochures. The brochures include food pantries, locations serving meals, and other resources.

  1. Finding food in Monroe County
  2. Finding food in Brown, Lawrence, Martin, Orange, and Owen Counties

IU Graduate and Professional Student Government (GPSG) remains committed to supporting all of IU Bloomington’s graduate and professional students during this unprecedented time. Check out its COVID-19 resources page.

GPSG COVID-19 resources

As always, feel free to reach out to our graduate office ( for assistance.

Graduate advising office (MY 150) hours

Please knock to be let in.

Monday, 9am–1pm (Katie)
Tuesday, 9am–5pm (Claire)
Wednesday, 9am–3pm (Tracey)
Thursday, 9am–3pm (Tracey)
Friday, 9am–5pm (Claire)