Graduate Degree

Training that takes you into a growing industry

The Indiana University Graduate Biotechnology Program, created in 2009, trains you to find work in the biotechnology industry, a field that has in recent years seen significant growth in global employment. Successful students in the one-year training program receive a Master of Science degree in Biotechnology.

Our graduates have obtained positions in companies that manufacture macromolecules or agricultural chemicals, or in those that conduct pharmaceutical research and development. Several students have joined law firms dealing with intellectual property. Some graduates have used the research experience gained from the program to transition to Ph.D. degrees.

Jobs held by our grads

Obtain a Professional Science Master’s Degree

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Biotechnology at Indiana University is recognized as a Professional Science Master’s (P.S.M.) Degree. The P.S.M. degree is an innovative graduate degree designed to allow students to pursue advanced training and excel in science without a Ph.D., while simultaneously developing highly-valued business skills without the additional time and money needed to obtain an M.B.A.

P.S.M. Programs are characterized by ‘science-plus' curricula, combining rigorous graduate study in science or mathematics with skills-based coursework in management, policy, or law. They emphasize the skills required in professional settings—written and verbal communication skills, leadership, and team building.

Instead of a thesis, most P.S.M. degrees require a collaborative research project, as well as an internship in a business or in the public sector. The National Professional Science Master’s Association defines the degree as one that prepares graduates to be just as comfortable in the board room, court room, and other professional settings as in the science lab.