Ketterson Lab

Ketterson Lab

Our research group consists of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are all studying aspects of the biology of the dark-eyed junco, a songbird that is widely distributed across North America. The junco is a classic species in the study of seasonality, speciation, and mediation of phenotypic evolution by hormomes, and we have field populations under study in Virginia, South Dakota, and California and captive populations here in Indiana.

While unified by their study system, and their common interest in evolutionary biology and animal behavior, members of our group pursue research interests that are quite diverse. Examples include avian pheromones, immune function and differential migration, mechanisms of androgyny and the evolution of sexual dimorphism, song and speciation, the role of hormones in rapid evolution and phenotypic plasticity, seasonal differences in gene expression, the role of hormones in phenotypic integration, benefits of multiple mating by females, and neural correlates of female aggression.

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