EEB Brown Bag Seminars

EEB Brown Bag Seminar Series

BIOL-L 570 Seminar in Ecology and Environmental Biology class meets for presentations and discussions of current research in Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior, a.k.a. EEB Brown Bag seminar series. This venue is open to graduate students, postdocs, and other researchers to present their work in the EEB. This highly interactive and well-attended series is open to the research community and encourages broad discussion between the audience and the speaker.

The EEB Brown Bag seminar series meets during the fall and spring semesters. A new schedule is available at the beginning of each semester.

Fall 2021 schedule

Tuesdays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Attend in person (enrolled students only, Simon Hall 001) or via Zoom.

Date Speaker Title
Aug 24 Organizational (enrolled students only)
Aug 31 Megan Smith (Postdoc, Hahn Lab) Expanding the genes used in phylogenomics beyond single-copy orthologs
Sept 7 David Kikuchi (PostDoc, University of Bielefeld) Cheats, liars, and deceit: the evolution and ecology of mimicry
Sept 14 Patrick Rohner (Postdoc, Moczek Lab) Eco-evo-devo perspectives on phenotypic variation: The role of developmental bias and organism-environment interactions in evolution
Sept 21 No seminar (enrolled students only)
Sept 28 Kenzie Givens (Grad Student, Hahn Lab) TBA
Oct 5 Audrey Parish (Grad Student, Newton Lab) Better together: A novel nutritional mutualism in honey bee larvae
Oct 12 Phillip Davidson (Postdoc, Moczek Lab) Genomic basis for a developmental life history switch in sea urchins
Oct 19 Savannah Bennett (Grad student, Reynolds Lab) TBA
Oct 26 John McMullen (Postdoc, Lennon Lab) Metabolic interactions in the microbiome: the case of Drosophila melanogaster
Nov 2 No seminar (enrolled students only)
Nov 9 Lydia Hoffstaetter (Postdoc, Tracey Lab) Effects of parasitoid wasp venoms on the fly larval nervous system
Nov 16 Guillaume Dury (Grad Student, Wade/Lau Labs) Transgenerational plasticity: genetic variation and insights from modeling
Nov 23 No seminar: Thanksgiving break
Nov 30 No seminar (enrolled students only)
Dec 7 No seminar (enrolled students only)