Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies Scholarship

2021 Avian, Wildlife, and Habitat Studies Scholar: Richard Hull

Richard "Rich" Hull is a first-year Ph.D. student in Senior Scientist Eric Knox's lab where he studies distributional patterns of vascular plants here in Indiana. Specifically, this award will support Rich's 2021 summer fieldwork along the Wabash River corridor, which is part of a larger three-year field effort to document the modern flora of this region. The data this research provides will ultimately address how different factors have altered this flora over the past century since it was last documented by Charles C. Deam.

Rich enjoys the outdoors and wildlife—whether it be birds, insects, or plants; although, plants are the best! He enjoys even more, however, sharing this interest in nature with others, an opportunity he has been afforded here at IU via his involvement in instructing courses centered around biodiversity as an associate instructor, his participation in the IND Herbarium's Photographic Scavenger Hunt, and his contribution to the Indiana Plant Conservation Alliance.